2016_FunctionProfessor Nicola S Peart [Trustee], Monique Johnson [Knox], Shannon Wetdewich [Salmond], Vicky Sefton [Salmond], Niamh Berry-Kilgour [Knox], Mr Tim Gray [Foundation Chairman], Cameron Reddington [Salmond], Scott Wesney [Salmond], Mrs Joanne K Hambleton [Trustee], Saagar Patel [Salmond], Aidan Scarlet [Salmond], Tesuca Clark [Knox]. Absent: Carlos Reid [Knox], James Smythe [Knox].

For the first time in its existence, the Foundation was able, in line with its objectives, to fund seven Scholarships for 2016, at $4,000 each, to first year residents at both Colleges who had produced evidence of significant qualities of leadership but needed some financial assistance in order to accept a place in the Colleges. In addition four Scholarships of $1,000 each were awarded to residents at Salmond College as encouragement to return for a further year of study, and in order to begin to build a senior student presence in the College.

These Scholarships were presented to the recipients at a very pleasant informal function at Salmond College on Tuesday 1 March, 2016.

In reviewing the objectives of the Foundation and in making decisions, the Trustees have been very conscious of the many past residents and friends of the Colleges in the years immediately following establishment of the Foundation who made such generous donations towards it. After a period of uncertainty about how best to deal with the funds, and after a rigorous selection process, the Trustees have decided to commission Craigs Investment Partners Limited for investment of $1.4 million of our funds. Already they have been very helpful in the preparation of establishing our account and portfolio with a view not only to increase capital but also to provide some income for disbursement.

The Trustees have done their best to ensure that this investment does not risk the future of the funds entrusted to the Foundation, and in so doing recognize that in these uncertain times, growth of capital is a slow process. With this in mind the Trustees want to encourage those who have had the privilege of experiencing residence in the Colleges to consider contributing financially to the Foundation Funds if they are in a position to do so and have the inclination, remembering the unique way and influence living in the Colleges had on them.