1. The Ross Fellowship was founded in 1920 with the object of promoting post-graduate study at Knox College and University of Otago. It is named after Sir John and Margaret, Lady Ross, whose financial support for, and involvement in the establishment of Knox College was immense.

2. Today, the Fellowship is funded by the Foundation for Knox College and Salmond College. It is worth around $15,000 per annum for up to two years. This comprises free accommodation at Knox College for the University of Otago’s academic year, free membership of the Senior Common Room3

3. Candidates for the Fellowship shall be graduates of a New Zealand University, but other things being equal preference will be given to graduates of the University of Otago. Candidates shall, before taking up the Fellowship, have obtained, as a minimum qualification, Honours (or equivalent) in their chosen Degree.

4. The Fellowship normally shall be tenable for two years and the Fellow shall reside in Knox College during the tenure of the Fellowship. The Fellow is expected to be an academic mentor in the college, play an active part in the life of the Senior Common Room, of which he or she will be a member, and be supportive of the general life and special character of the College.

5. The Fellow shall pursue studies under supervision in the University of Otago in the subject or subjects for which the Fellowship is awarded, and shall devote himself/herself wholly to the object of the Fellowship, and is prohibited from holding any position of emolument except by the permission of the Master of Knox College. This does not preclude the possibility of the Ross Fellow holding other postgraduate scholarships. Nor does it preclude the possibility of the Fellow holding a part-time appointment in the University Department, subject tot he consent of the Master of Knox College.

6. The Fellow shall furnish a report to the Master on his/her work at the end of the first year of tenure. Upon the Fellow completing a higher Degree at the University of Otago, a copy of the thesis shall be given to the Master for lodgement in the College.

7. Candidates for the Fellowship should apply to the Master of Knox College for the Fellowship not later than 15 November in the year in which the Fellowship is to be awarded. The award shall be made not later than 15 December. Applications should take the form of a letter to the Master of Knox College detailing why the candidate is applying for the Fellowship and how the candidate intends to fulfill the expectations associated with the Fellowship, as outlined in Clause 4 above.

8. The award shall be announced by 15 December.

9. The successful candidate shall take up residence in Knox College and commence studies at the beginning of the academic session after the award has been made – i.e., Semester One 2017.

9. A Fellow, who may publish at any time, in any form, the results of his/her studies during or after the tenure of the Fellowship shall place immediately below his/her name on the title page the words, “Ross Fellow of Knox College, Dunedin, New Zealand”

10. Any further or other regulations may from time to time be made altering or repealing these regulations, provided that such new regulations shall have due regard to the objects and designs of the founders.